All in 1-30

Madeleine Brohas

After having lived in many different regions of France and abroad, and working in technical and commercial publishing as well as tourism, Madeleine Brohas settled down a few years ago in the north of France to work as a full-time translator. Her passion for languages has always let her to travel to discover new places and people, and recently has begun to learn Italian.  

A true bookworm, Madeleine also adores reading aloud to her six-year-old nephew. Thanks to family roots in Scotland, she is lucky to be able to read books in both English and French.

Josh Brandon

After a successful career as a radio personality, Josh Brandon ventured out on his own and now records voiceovers for video games, commercials, animated projects, films, and television programs.  He is an actor with several TV and film credits. Josh is also a masters-level Licensed English, Speech Communication, and Government teacher!

More than anything, though, Josh loves reading to children and bringing characters to life through voice-acting.  Whether reading his children stories before bed or volunteering at the local library, reading children's stories offers Josh the ability to live the dream - have FUN at work! Josh currently writes several blogs on his website,, including the "Happy Hubby Homemaker", which chronicles his journey from career professional to work-from-home husband, dad, and entrepreneur.  

Marilisa and Marco Bragazzi

Marilisa Bragazzi started out her career as web and graphic designer, then later worked exclusively for children publishers. Currently, her attention is dedicated to creating graphic suites for weddings and planning events. Graphics and creativity are her passions!

Marco Bragazzi has been a high school teacher since 2012. Teaching is a passion for him because teaching young people today means he is teaching the adults of tomorrow. Marco also teaches jujitsu. His motto, both on and off the mat is: “Use your mind, not your strength.”

Marilisa and Marco are sister and brother who have shared this experience as writers for children.  They enjoyed joining their very different knowledge bases and their very similar passions for reading.