All in 121-150

Paola Paladini

Paola Paladini grew up in a small town in Italy, with books as her best friends.

Imagination has always driven Paola towards enchanted worlds made up of fairies, queens, kings, and fantastic animals, not to mention plants that are able to speak and rocks that are able to think. As an adult, the desire to share all these worlds has led Paola to write short stories for her children and their friends.

After her relocation to Jordan with her husband and children, Paola taught Arab students the Italian language, in both schools and language centers. Moreover, she wrote children’s stories as a freelancer.

In the present day, Paola works as a pharmacist in an NGO to help Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan. She is still writing new stories that are waiting to be read!

Olga Osina

Born in Russia, Olga Osina now lives in Tallinn, Estonia with her husband and little daughter.

For Olga, stories, both read and written, have always been a world where magic is possible…a world where she can feel safe. This love of stories led her to working with kids. Olga is an English and German teacher for young learners.