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Tung Yuen See

Tung Yuen See started her career as a news producer before embarking on an intercontinental adventure to start a family in three countries over a 10 year span, all while maintaining an active freelance writing career. Her arduous adventure living aboard gave her the opportunity to experience vastly different cultures and lifestyles.

As a mother of two, Tung Yuen loves to make up stories with her beautiful young daughters, and she enjoys seeing her kids cultivating a rich, creative childhood. Now having settled in Canberra, Australia with her husband and daughters, Tung Yuen is working in the community service sector. During her free time, she still pursues her interest in writing as a children’s book author and freelance translator.

Fatima Báez Santana

Fátima Báez Santana is from the Canary Islands and began her love of reading early on, as her uncle worked at a publishing house for Spanish children’s books. At school, she enjoyed participating in storytelling competitions where she won games and, of course, more books. Passionate about languages too, Fátima graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting, and completed a Master’s degree in Subtitling.

Now that Fátima has achieved her dream of being a freelance translator, she greatly enjoys her work and has more time for her interests: reading, swimming, and hiking as a nature lover. As a translator of these lovely stories, she hopes that her contribution can improve the world of all children.