All in A

Mathilde Armand

Mathilde Armand is a French author who previously worked as an advertising copywriter and a journalist before choosing to write stories for children.

Even if witches, fairies, and other other monsters are her favorite topics, she enjoys speaking about daily life as well. You can follow Mathilde’s work on her youtube channel, which has over 9000 subscribers and 13 million views.

Jonathan Andrew

To Jonathan Andrew, audio is more than just a science. Over the years that he has worked with clients both private and corporate, he’s found that one thing remains the same as it did when he started:  we are all humans connecting with each other.

Jonathan believes that the purpose of what he does comes from his wish to show the greatness that all people have inside of them, no matter who they are or where they come from. He believes that we all have stories to tell, and he bring those stories to life using his vocal talents.