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Bethany Ann Funnell

A self-taught illustrator, Bethany Ann began illustrating her favorite stories when she was a child living with her family in Devon, England. In her early twenties, she began showcasing her work on social media and in digital portfolios. You can support Bethany on Artstation and Instagram, where she showcases her imaginative illustrations and concept art for all ages.

Dmitry Fedorov

Dmitry Fedorov was born and still resides in Kiev, Ukraine. He has always loved colorful and interesting illustrations in children’s books. As a child, Dmitry liked drawing funny pictures. Later, after years of practice, he became a professional artist and illustrator. He has been illustrating children’s books since 2016. His daughter loves to watch him as he works, and she often draws her version of each illustration. Sometimes Dmitry uses her ideas in his own work.