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Mayumi Ito

Born and raised in Japan, Mayumi Ito moved to Alaska in the late 1980s with her husband and her then-six-month-old son to start a new chapter of her life. Many years later, her story in America’s Last Frontier still continues, and she’s loving every moment of it—except for driving in winter and paying higher shipping fees. Freelance translator by trade, Mayumi enjoys walking in the woods, reading good mysteries, and training with her agility dog, Pika. Her favorite quote is “The best is yet to be.”

Ghada Itani

Ghada Itani was her grandmother’s little companion, so she had the chance to visit many old ladies and listen to amazing (but weird) stories from Lebanese culture. She grew up with a tremendous amount of curiosity, which she satisfied by studying archaeology and philosophy, and read about paranormal phenomena and mystical knowledge. Writing children’s stories for Tiny Readers is a very delightful experience for her.

Alice Irizarry

Alice Irizarry is a kid at heart (or a grown-up with a heart for kids). Her love for music and literature has prepared her well for narrating children’s books. Using a literature-heavy curriculum as a home educator meant many hours of filling her children’s minds and hearts with great stories. Reading to her children when they were young was a daily treat and included many trips to their local library, where the staff knows Alice and her family by sight.

Alice calls the Chicago suburbs home, where she lives with her math genius hubby, her son and daughter (when they are not at college) and a menagerie of pets.

Amanda Izquierdo

Amanda Izquierdo didn’t always know she would be writer, but life is always mysterious. As she grew, she found comfort and inspiration in poetry and short stories. When she began to write children’s stories, it was as if she had uncovered a hidden goal in her heart.

Amanda has lived in Venezuela, Italy, and Germany, and now her creativity grows in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. There, she writes, paints, and dreams of a better world for future generations.