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Svetlana Kravchenko

Svetlana Kravchenko lives in Dnipro, Ukraine. As long as she can remember, she has always wanted to be an artist. Because of this, art has always been a part of her life. She drew throughout her life and even attended art school. Once she began attending university, she studied architecture, but worked as an artist on the side.

Svetlana is currently working in graphic design and is learning programming, but she hopes that one day she can devote all of her time to drawing. Until then, she enjoys working with the beautiful illustrations drawn by the artists at Tiny Readers. Each story that Svetlana has worked on has been amazing. Her son was also mesmerized by the artwork and asked her to read the books to him, even though he doesn’t understand other languages. Svetlana plans to help her son learn new languages using Tiny Readers books.

Laura Kraft

After growing up overseas on army bases, Laura Kraft has settled down in a small town in Pennsylvania. She lives with her husband and their four children. Her family inspires her creativity with their never-ending humor, support, and love.

Nadia Kotkina

Nadia Kotkina is an illustrator from the town of Arkhangelsk in northern Russia, where the sun doesn’t appear for over six months during the polar night and never sets for two months during the polar day!

Nadia has a studio where she teaches English to children, teenagers, and adults. She enjoys playing piano and takes piano lessons. She is also a good dancer, and has been dancing since childhood. Now she is active in ballroom dancing and enjoys it very much.

Illustrating children’s books had always been Nadia’s dream. She is very pleased to be living her dream as she creates beautiful illustrations for Tiny Readers Publishing!