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Irina Lukyanova

Irina grew up in a small Siberian town in Russia. At the age of four, she learned her first English words and fell in love with the English language. At school she was the best student in her English class and decided to enter the Linguistic University to study it further. After graduating from the University with Honors, she taught English to kids in Japan and South Korea. It was a wonderful experience. Irina also got the chance to learn some Japanese and Korean. After that she moved to Canada and then to the US, where she’s been living ever since with her husband and two kids.

In 2012, she changed her career path by becoming a freelance translator. She loves her job and the freedom and flexibility that it gives her. Irina also likes traveling, reading and mountain skiing.

Theresia Lisa Lorensa

Theresia Lisa Lorensa is an illustrator from Indonesia. Her major was graphic design, but because she likes to try new things, she now works as tenant relation builder during the day and a freelance designer in the evening. With these two jobs, Theresia enjoys helping people and hopes she makes them smile.

Theresia likes to read anything, especially comics and classic fairy tales. She can’t go anywhere without her sketchbook, as she loves to dream and paint whatever interests her, such as her family, her lovely dog, and beautiful scenery.

Valerie Lizotte

Valerie has always loved reading. As a teenager, she wrote her first novel for a writing contest.  In college, she won a prize for a short story she had written. Valerie continued writing in university, where she studied literature and language.  

Now bilingual French and English, Valeria puts her love of writing and languages to work as a translator and proofreader. While working with students in French immersion, Valerie discovered a need for good stories using vocabulary appropriate for learners of a second language, which started her on the road to writing children’s stories.  Her nine-year-old son is always her first reader and critic.