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Kate Neuer

Born in New York, but having studied in Los Angeles, Kate Neuer had a hard time picking a hometown or career before landing on “Indiana” and “writer”. Nothing else was adventurous enough for her. Kate was trained in screenwriting and had opportunities to pitch several projects to producers, but ultimately realized her passion was travel. She hopes to encourage children and adults alike to explore and appreciate different cultures through her storytelling.

Julia Neff

Julia is a big "story" worshiper. She sees life and its twists and turns as a story. Things begin, evolve and end, and Julia loves to extract these episodes and make stories out of them. Julia's story began back in the USSR city of Tallinn in 1978. At the age of 13 Julia, like most of her countrymen, ended up in a young sovereign country, the Republic of Estonia. But this was just the start of her adventures in the world.

After graduating from Gymnasium, Julia won a grant from the Danish Democracy Fund and moved to Denmark to study. The country and its people were very inspirational to Julia, especially the history of Hans Christian Andersen, who made an enormous impact on literature in his time. Julia was no stranger to his books. At that point, Julia decided to dedicate herself to writing.

After graduation with a Journalism major, Julia never departed from writing, even though she worked in various industries and various European countries. Over the last 10 years, Julia has been living in the Netherlands with her husband and 3 children. She freelances in writing and enjoys trying out different genres. Five years ago, she had the opportunity to write children stories for Tiny Readers Publishing, and later she also worked as a Russian language editor for them.

Julia believes in the power of language skills, both verbal and written. After all, language is the most efficient tool of communication between all people. Exchanging ideas and stories, being understood, and being able to understand comes solely from one's ability to use language. For this reason, she finds that developing the habit of reading with kids to be essential.