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Kateryna Prusenko

Kati Prusenko was born in Makeevka, Ukraine. When the war began, she moved to Kiev, and now she lives in Moscow. She graduated from art school, then participated in three exhibitions in Donetsk.

Kati has been an illustrator and designer for more than 5 years. She creates illustrations and designs for printed materials, websites, and promotional materials.

. Kati is an organizer of international projects about art communication and social filming by supporters of Erasmus+. Illustrations, for her, are not only pictures, but talking visual images with their own moods and histories.

Tom Pilath

Tom Pilath grew up in a German village near Dresden. He started dancing and acting in small theater companies, then decided to pursue a career in professional theater. He soon became a leader of a teenage theater group in Hungary. Tom enjoyed working with teens. He sharpened his creative skills as a dramatic writer for young people, then also began working as a children’s book editor. Tom stepped into the role of an author with his children’s stories at Tiny Readers Publishing.

When Tom is not writing, he is busy with acting jobs in international theater and film productions. You can see him in his performances in German theaters, hotels and restaurants. Tom never stopped loving fairy tales and children’s stories, but now he’s rediscovering that magic through his nephews and his friends’ children reacting to his stories.

Sue Peterson

Sue Peterson grew up in a small town on the banks of the Fox River in Wisconsin. After graduating from college and graduate school, she spent over 3 decades teaching K-12, college, and adult students in regular and special education, ESL, and gifted/talented programs both in the US and at international schools in Korea and Poland.

Now, teaching in the graduate education department of a local college for their add-on gifted/talented teaching licensure, Sue is also a freelance writer and editor. She has authored her own educational products: 450 leveled books, about 50 original plays, and an elementary language arts series. Of all the types of writing Sue does, she enjoys writing for children and creative writing the most.

Now retired, Sue spends much of her time at the family cottage in northern Wisconsin. If she is not sailing, you might find her thinking of that next children’s story as she rests on the hammock under the century-old fir trees or walks the trails with her beloved Westie, Kenya.