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Erica Villa

For the past few years, Erica Villa has been creating brand-new stories each night to help her baby boy fall asleep. Erica has a lifelong love of nature, so the stories she tells her son are always related to plants and animals.

It should come as no surprise that Erica graduated with a degree in biology. But then, following her passion for writing, she chose to continue on in her studies, earning a Master’s degree in Science Communication. Since then, Erica has worked as a science writer for well-known publishing houses and public national bodies such as the Italian Ministry of Health. Today she is Head of Communications and Engagement at Science Gallery Venice, the Italian node of an international network aiming at engaging youngsters where science and art collide.

When not dealing with art and science she sings in a 200 voice gospel choir, dances tango, and continues to write short stories for children.