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Christian Zeppieri

Born and raised in Rome, Christian Zeppieri has been reading and drawing for as long as he can remember. After pursuing art studies in Italy, he started traveling and illustrated anything he could put his hands on, whether it was children's books, mobile games, or brand characters. Christian is currently living and drawing in Amsterdam.

Viktoriya Zaytseva

Viktoriya Zaytseva is an artist who has been drawing for half a century. Born in Uzbekistan, in a city called Chirchik, she began to teach a variety of arts to people of all ages after graduating from the University in Tashkent.

Viktoriya loves to ski, travel and sew. She loves to paint the world as she sees it, and she enjoys painting the people that she meets. Painting what and who she sees is an amazing and beautiful experience.

Viktoriya now lives in Russia with her daughter and husband. She continues to enjoy drawing everything that surrounds her.

Islam Zayed

Islam Zayed lives in Egypt. He is a freelance translator who helps to translate mane different types of content to his native language of Arabic. He enjoys his career very much.

Before starting a translation business, Islam worked as customer service representative at Bank Misr for a short time. Now he is working as a planning specialist, along with operating his freelance business.

Islam is always eager to help others as much as he can, and he is also he keen to learn new things. He is crazy about nature, traveling and visiting new places.