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Rebecca Wooding

Rebecca Wooding has been passionate about art since she was a young girl, and it has always been a big part of her life. Since achieving her degree in Character Animation, she has worked as a Project Manager at a design and print company.

Rebecca is now pursuing her dream of working as a freelance artist. She currently lives in the UK. When she is not working, Rebecca spends her free time baking and writing.

Kateryna Prusenko

Kati Prusenko was born in Makeevka, Ukraine. When the war began, she moved to Kiev, and now she lives in Moscow. She graduated from art school, then participated in three exhibitions in Donetsk.

Kati has been an illustrator and designer for more than 5 years. She creates illustrations and designs for printed materials, websites, and promotional materials.

. Kati is an organizer of international projects about art communication and social filming by supporters of Erasmus+. Illustrations, for her, are not only pictures, but talking visual images with their own moods and histories.