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Tristan J Wright

Tristan J Wright has been an actor and voice-over artist since he landed the made-up role of Blue Bird in a community theater production of "Animal Crackers" when he was in kindergarten.  He was taken by the amount of attention he received in class and has never looked back. Tristan has performed in countless plays, television shows, and films and has lent his voice to numerous audiobooks, video games, animated series and more.  He lives in Los Angeles with his wonderful wife and three kids. They also have a dog who doesn't get the attention he deserves. Maybe we will go for a walk tomorrow, Winston. Hang in there!

Joe Wosik

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Joe Wosik.  Joe always loved a good story, beginning with stories told on the Sesame Street and Captain Kangaroo shows that he watched as a little kid to his eventual 14-year career on the radio telling stories to thousands of listeners every morning.  Today he is lucky enough to have read hundreds of great stories that have been published as audiobooks for both grown-ups and young people around the world. There is nothing like a good story and Joe hopes you enjoy hearing a good story, too!  The End.