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Aubrey Yung

Aubrey Yung is a Hong Kong girl who loves reading and watching films. She completed her Bachelor degree, majoring in Sociology and Comparative Literature, in Hong Kong. Growing up in a metropolitan city, she decided to go on an adventure and ended up in the wonderland of Estonia.

Aubrey is a full-time dreamer, freelance writer and translator. She always has a bundle of fancy imagination in dreams, where the world of children needs to be. She tries to live a poetic life through her writing in order to capture and transform her fantasy and memory. Above all, she believes that love and hope prevails.

Islam Zayed

Islam Zayed lives in Egypt. He is a freelance translator who helps to translate mane different types of content to his native language of Arabic. He enjoys his career very much.

Before starting a translation business, Islam worked as customer service representative at Bank Misr for a short time. Now he is working as a planning specialist, along with operating his freelance business.

Islam is always eager to help others as much as he can, and he is also he keen to learn new things. He is crazy about nature, traveling and visiting new places.

Farimah Youssefirad

Farimah Youssefirad was born and raised in Iran, moved to India for studies, and now lives in Canada with her husband and 3-year-old daughter. With a background in computer science, Farimah works for a tech start-up, which keeps her busy.

Reading bedtimes stories to her daughter inspired Farimah to translate global children’s stories into her native language. A gymnast, swimmer, music lover, traveler, consultant, and mother, her life played different roles in shaping what she is today.

When motherhood is not throwing any surprises at her, Farimah enjoys putting her daughter's candid moments on Instagram.  

Estefania Velasco

Raised in a house that was full of books, Estefanía Velasco discovered, from an early age, that reading was one of her great passions and favorite form of entertainment. This, along with her love for teaching and languages, led her to study Primary Education, then to continue studying Modern Languages and Literature in Madrid. At the same time, Estefania learned Italian for pleasure.

As a teacher, translator and editor, Estefania enjoys being able to do what she likes the most. Currently, her work as a Spanish teacher is a way to develop her creativity. Working as a translator links her to other fields that she enjoys, such as children and literature.