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Pilar Gari

Pilar Gari has always loved children. When she was a teenager, she earned her first pocket money as a babysitter in England looking after three children...and learned her first three English words. Since then, she has enjoyed staying connected to children in many ways: as a shop assistant in a children’s bookshop, as a translator, as a writer, and of course, as a mother.

Pilar especially loves writing for children, whether it is stories, games, or recipes. She also enjoys writing nonfiction for children using simple words while providing accurate information. Her favorite topics are animals, science, and history.

Pilar’s other professional passion is research. She is originally from Spain, but freelancing has given her the chance to spend long periods of time in other countries, such as France,  England, or the USA. She is able to work on translations and do historical research in some of the most important libraries and archives of the world! Traveling has given her the great opportunity to meet children from different cultures, learn new languages, and remain open minded.

Martina Gallo Galitiello

Martina Gallo Galitiello is an illustrator and painter who lives on the Atlantic coast of Argentina. There, she studied visual arts and earned a degree at the Professional Illustration School of the Visual Arts Martin A. Malharro.

Martina loves working with mixed and traditional techniques, like watercolor painting, but she really enjoys digital painting as well. She loves working on children’s stories and concept art, and she always tucks magic and nature into her artwork.

Martina has worked as a freelance illustrator since 2016 and is currently studying to be a middle school art educator. She hopes to encourage children to express themselves in art and to value themselves, just as she was taught.