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Zhan Li

According to Zhan Li, growing up in the coastal Chinese city of Tianjin is not a fun experience for any child because it’s hard to have any activities outdoors there. Throughout her teenage years, Zhan stayed at home and read books.

One of her fondest memories is the first time she received a whole set of children’s story books. Those stories, from different countries and regions, inspired her by showing her how culturally diverse the world is. If there was one consistent thing that reading offered her, it was the reinforcement about how big the world is.

Miguel Viegas Leal

Miguel Viegas Leal’s writing compulsion is almost as old as he is. His desire to write emerged when he first started to read fantasy books. Since childhood, he has spent his hour before bed traveling through books and into parallel worlds. Miguel reads whatever he can find, writes about magic and children’s adventures, and still manages to find time to work as an aeronautical engineer in Portugal. You can find his surreal and fantastic short stories on literary blogs and in magazines.

Angela Lee

Angela Lee is a wife, a mother, and a teacher of 19 years.  She enjoys life at her Virginia woodland home with her husband, children, and pets.  An avid reader, she is following her dream of becoming a children’s author. In her spare time, she enjoys family, food, music, and fun of all kinds.  She is well known for her infectious laugh. Her students, family, and co-workers think she’s a hoot! But for some reason, her teenagers are less enthusiastic.

Alejandra Lopez

Alejandra López is a Mexican author and writer who not only loves animals (especially cats and penguins) but who truly enjoys writing. She has studied literature and creative writing. While she focuses on fantasy histories for kids she also has a deep interest in philosophy. "Words are fantastic worlds in need to be explored.