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Daren Margarette P. Ramoran

Though she had been working in the technical industry for years, Daren Margarette P. Ramoran still pursued her passion of becoming an artist. She is now a freelancer working from home, while enjoying the perks of being a hands-on mom and wife. She really loves her craft doing digital illustrations, but in her free time she still hones her traditional skills doing artworks in oil painting, watercolor and charcoal drawings. She also bonds with her family through music and enjoys playing violin.

Rogelio M. Ramilo, Jr.

At age 6, Rogelio M. Ramilo started drawing seriously. He used scrap paper, walls, or any surface that happened to be available, and he hasn’t stopped creating art ever since. His father wanted him to be an architect, but his love for cartoons inspired him to pursue a career related to animation.

His nearly three decades of work involved being an animator for a lot of projects, including Disney. He has also worked in publishing as a layout artist, a creative director, and a comics illustrator.  His last full-time job was as a product/toy designer under Marvel and Warner Bros. licensed projects.

Now, Rogelio is a home-based artist, enjoying the company of his two granddaughters who are his inspiration. Rogelio considers illustrating children’s books as his most rewarding work.  He loves kids and cartoons, and treasures both very much.