Giulia Learns How to Cross the Street

Giulia and her grandma are walking to school together. Grandma wants to make sure that Giulia knows how to cross the street safely, so she teaches her how to use a walk light. But when they get to the street in front of Giulia’s school, the walk light isn’t working! How will they get to school safely?

The Fourth of July

Philip Fox is visiting the United States, just in time for the Fourth of July. He joins in on the festivities, from playing baseball to enjoying a cookout. Come and celebrate in the warmth of summer…and remember to stay up late to see the fireworks!

Misha's Fire Truck

Misha has a brand-new toy fire truck that he loves to play with. On a special mission to rescue Mouse from the top of a block tower, Firefighter Teddy discovers how special the new fire truck really is!

Doudou's Wishing Lantern

Doudou is celebrating the Lantern Festival by making tangyuan with his mother. In the evening, he will go to the festival with his family to light a wishing lantern. What will he wish for?

A Day at the Zoo

Doudou is off to the zoo for the very first time. He packs a camera and plenty of snacks in his backpack, including a banana, his favorite fruit. But there is a zoo animal that also love to eat bananas. Will Doudou be able to eat his favorite snack?